Molecular Structure of Acids

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Re: Molecular Structure of Acids

Post by Nevyn on Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:49 pm

Hi Ken and welcome to the forum. I'm glad you appreciate Miles work and our contributions to it. We try to work through any problems we have with calm discussions (ok, we don't always live up to that as much as we would all like to Very Happy) and we are welcome to any questions you have.

I am not sure which paper you are referring to, but I would suggest that Miles is talking about how an electron can reduce the amount of charge that a proton stack can channel. So an OH radical is not going to be quite as radical if it has electrons in there compared to if it didn't. The number of protons can not change (or it would be a different molecule/atom) so the electron is the controlling factor. The neutrons in the proton stack can also turn if there is a uni-directional charge stream flowing through and this can also boost charge channeling because both neutrons (in the same slot of the stack) are channeling the same direction. I don't think neutron boosting is going to happen in an OH molecule as it isn't large enough to pull in so much charge.

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Re: Molecular Structure of Acids

Post by FEFTKWKKCNG on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:49 am

Dear Nevyn,

Thanks a lot.

The paper is NMR.

I not only appreciate Miles Work and your effort, I strongly support MM Charge field theory. As I said, it is a magnificent truth and this truth sets people free!

Another theory for instance, at kinematic situation, “pi is 4” is brilliant and it is obvious to me now! MM conveys this message with many different papers at first, it is difficult to understand with preset “brain washed belief” in the beginning!

I still digest your reply as I need to study and understand more MM papers.

Keep up the works because it is a “scientific truth” and/or at least the BEST MODEL to explain the real science without fudges and pushes.


Ken NG


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